About us

IAMPACS is the next generation PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) which is built using Cloud technologies. It is an advanced software for all users who want secure data archiving and access in the healthcare field, especially healthcare professionals(radiologists). . With this software, both individuals and healthcare users will be able to have Quick access to the respective radiology reports. Data is stored in the cloud and provided with high-level data security. It is easily accessible from any HTML5 compliant devices (desktop PCs, tablets and Smartphones).

Owing to these qualities, it can be used as an archive for many years as well as being used as a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System).If you want to use it as a PACS solution, you will be able to access the data very quickly thanks to advanced processing tools and data streaming algorithms. Under all conditions, our highest priority is that the end user gets the best service. If you need more space, request for an additional data and we will provide you storage space with a fee.

Our company’s greatest desire that our users use this service with great pleasure and enthusiasm. For this purpose, we express that we are open to any suggestions, opinions and requests that you may send us. Our only expectation from our users is that you can not allow the system to be used outside the intended purpose. It is important to notify us about any sharing and approach that will harm this structure.

Since there are no restrictions or technological limitations associated with accessing the system from mobile devices, it is possible to transfer and display data from any mobile device. Patient and doctor communications will be easier.